Sapphire Crystals

With its many uses such as wear surfaces, cutting edges, substrates, IR windows, etc., sapphire is one of the most commonly grown synthetic crystals today.  The use of c-plane sapphire substrates for blue LEDs is one of the key drivers for the sapphire business.  In addition to their use in full color outdoor displays, blue LEDs allow the generation of white light which is a major growth area as LEDs will eventually replace incandescent and CFL lights in all general lighting applications.  The main drivers for LED growth now are high end applications such as backlighting for flat screen TVs and monitors.

I have extensive experience in the growth of sapphire by all of the main growth methodologies including Czochralski, Kyropoulos, and EFG (Edge-defined, Film-fed Growth).


First 90kg Kyropoulos Sapphire

EFG Sapphire 15mm Thick

100mm Dia. Sapphire Crystals Grown by CZ

EFG (Edge-defined Film-fed Growth)

All 90 kg Kyropoulos Sapphire Crystals